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5 Minutes of Love
On 12/15/12, I awoke with a vision of hope to be shared. It is so important I just deleted a whole page of text from my website about my business, to insert this message.  Please share this and share again until it’s viral.If you can translate it into another language & send it on, please do!
We all realize that our world and our societies are in desperate need of help.
We see corruption, distorted values, and violence all around us.
We may sometimes feel not only helpless, but hopeless.
How do we heal this? What can we possibly do that will make a difference?
There is something we can do. We can exercise a power that is inside each and every one of us. This is the power of unconditional love.
This power transcends religion, ethnicity, “isms”, and politics. It is greater than any one of us alone. The more we individually and collectively exercise this power, the power of LOVE, the more positive effect we can have upon our world.
It sounds simple. It is.
It cannot possibly hurt anyone or anything ~ it can only help.
For 5 minutes each day, set aside time to sit quietly, away from the phone, TV and other distractions. Visualize the world between your two hands, just like the photo above. Imagine the world wrapped in love. Pure, unconditional love. No judgments, just love.
Love is the strongest force there is. It is infinite.
For just 5 minutes, suspend fear, worry, anger, frustration, hatred, bitterness, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness. Instead … focus upon your heart. Open your heart.
Allow yourself to hold feelings of love, kindness and compassion for the world and all of life. For all people everywhere, for animals and the planet. Simply feel love and imagine it spreading from your heart down through your hands, to the world.
You don’t need to think about anything, “fix” anything, solve anything.
Just allow the feelings to flow…. Focus on your heart and allow love.
If you can’t do it for 5 minutes, start with one.
And if you feel like doing it for longer than 5 minutes, that’s okay too!
Consider doing this at a certain time every day so that it becomes a regular practice.
Imagine all the beautiful, healing, transcending, nurturing, powerful love that will be surrounding our planet at any given time of day or night, if we all take just 5 minutes a day to send love to all of life. This is healing for everyone and everything, including ourselves.
This is a power for good.
Teach this to children; share this with your friends, your communities.
That’s it. It’s simple. Let go of fear and judgment for 5 minutes a day, hold the world in your hands, and feel love.
We’re all in this together. Let’s exercise our true power – the only power that matters.
Share this; keep it going….

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