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The photography of Rikki Moress is featured here not only as a gallery of her work, but also as a fundraiser, as Rikki is currently undergoing treatment for a rare type of cancer, with the sales from her photos going toward her medical expenses. See Rikki's statement, below.

I moved to Whidbey Island in 2004, and through a series of illnesses, surgeries, and losses, I became more and more homebound. My world became ever more the world I could see outside my windows. I had been a city girl in NYC and LA, and moving to the Pacific Northwest was a whole new experience for me.

Relocating to and experiencing the fury and the kindness of the area, I began to learn and to see a lot about myself.

Through my experience with battling cancer, I became aware of why I moved this way. Each day is a new picture implanted in my memory. I love spending time in my own little "neck of the woods", photographing the wildlife and nature's beauty that is in abundance all around me. It harkens me back to my childhood when as a youngster I was fascinated by a coffee table book we owned about Georgia O'Keefe. I always felt she could see straight through to the core, to the heart of her subjects, and I now realize the impact she had upon me, as I also strive to capture the true essence of whatever it is I focus my sights upon.

And so in the midst of the challenges I find myself in at this time in my life - surgeries, procedures, working with both western and naturopathic treatments - there is balance and beauty waiting just outside my door. A place where I find my respite, my inner calm, my healing and restoration. My inspiration.


The photos below are for sale. Click on each one for size and pricing information. All prints will be made on metal, which gives them an added vibrance, and they come ready to hang.

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