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Be the Bliss...

Treat yourself or a loved one to the revitalizing gift of Reiki energy work. This ancient, gentle healing modality promotes well-being on all levels ~ mind, body and spirit. Whether you are seeking a dynamic energy tune-up, or have deeper healing and restoration in mind, Reiki is useful in almost any situation, and can help with strengthening the immune system, releasing blocks to physical and emotional vitality and health, rejuvenating after a period of stress and/or grief, dissipating headaches, anxiety and depression, and promoting the healthy functioning of the bodily organs, energy centers and systems.

Reiki has been described as, specifically, the vibration of absolute unconditional love, coming from the source of all that is ... we are all made of this energy, this love ...

"I have been practicing Reiki for over 30 years and teaching it since 2004. I am honored to share this energy work with you, as well as other health-promoting services to support you on your transformational journey."

...... Sue Averett


Reiki Treatment

Relax in a nurturing, tranquil environment, fully clothed, upon a cushioned table, while healing hands gently rest over the body’s major organs, chakras, and endocrine system. Benefits include relaxation and restoration, along with stimulation of the immune system and circulation, ease of physical, mental and emotional pain, and a sense of greater well-being and inner peace. See FAQs page for more information.

Traditional Reiki Session

(face-up & face-down on reg. Reiki table; plan on 90 minutes): $90

Heaven & Earth Reiki combined with FIR Amethyst Mat*

(face-up only w additional time on mat; plan on 90 minutes):$90

*see FAQ page for more information on the far-infrared mat

Reiki sessions and classes are offered from the heart.

A sliding payment scale is offered where there is a need. We can

always work something out; let's talk.

"Sue’s reiki is an exquisite healing experience. Entering her beautiful sanctuary and simply being in her presence provides peace and healing...a true respite with lasting results of decreased pain, increased vitality, and overall relaxation. Experiencing Sue’s healing touch in conjunction with the amethyst/far-infrared mat was powerfully synergistic. I felt renewed... body, mind and spirit. Deep bow of gratitude to Sue."

                                              - Melinda Mack, M.A., Washington


While I don't offer a set schedule for group Reiki classes, I will accommodate requests for training as my schedule allows for levels I, II, III and apprenticeship to teach. Call or email for upcoming dates.

Level One (First Degree practitioner) Saturday & Sunday 10-5, $220

Level Two (Second Degree practitioner), one day only 10-5, $135

Level Three (Third Degree Reiki Master), one day only 10-5 $150

Students will receive a certificate of completion and a syllabus at the end of class. Level One students receive 4 attunements; Levels Two and Three each receive 2 attunements. A student may choose to study only level one (hands-on treatment), or may also choose to take level two (distant healing & additional techniques), and perhaps level three (Reiki Master practitioner).

Those who wish to become teachers of Reiki can let me know of your goals once you have completed all three levels, and we can discuss an internship. A student must practice each level for at least 6 months before moving on to the next level. This allows a person time to adjust to the heightened frequencies and become comfortable with them before moving forward.

(First Degree Reiki practitioners Grace, Kimberly, Diana, and Amy with Sue)

(Third Degree Reiki Masters Diana and Dominic)

diana and dominic april 2023 reiki 3.jpg

(Reiki Master Summer Ewart)

IMPORTANT: Reiki has been handed down and taught in specific ways, traditionally. Unfortunately, it has been diluted and is not always taught in the traditional manner. For example, a Reiki I class should be taught over at least two days, and the student should receive 4 attunements over those two days. Be sure to interview any potential Reiki teacher to inquire about the duration of the class, the number of attunements that will be given, and what their own background is. Ask if they are of the Usui lineage, and if their own Reiki I training included 4 attunements, as well as at least 1 attunement at the Reiki II level, and at least 1 attunement at the Reiki III level. Inquire as to who their teachers were and do whatever research you feel is necessary to be assured you are receiving guidance from one who has received the recognized maximum training in the Usui tradition, and who has received - and gives - the appropriate number of attunements.

This isn't to say that there cannot be creativity in the way Reiki is taught.... it is simply to caution that there are some folks out there 'teaching' Reiki who don't have the qualifications or complete training to do so.

And, there are many kinds of energy healing - Reiki is simply one of them. There is no "best" - it is most important that a person finds their own way to whatever healing modalities and teachers are the best fit for them. Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are two kinds of energy teaching that are similar to Reiki, among others. Follow your heart about what is best for you. Some people study them all!

Take charge of your health

There are many facets to vibrant health of body, mind and spirit. No amount of Reiki, medicine, or any other healing modality will ultimately bring you vibrant health if you make chronic unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices. I'm more than happy to consult with you about ways to potentially switch up your eating and lifestyle that may improve and enhance your well-being. See the holistic health coaching page for more info. Coaching can be scheduled as a stand-along session, or for a few minutes before your Reiki session. 30 minutes lifestyle coaching $25 stand-alone, or $20 added to your Reiki session.

"Sue Averett is an extremely gifted Reiki Master. I've had positive results including dramatic relief from some challenging health symptoms and a real sense of empowerment about the future. Her warmth, spiritual insight, tremendous wisdom, and joyful sense of humor have touched my life in immeasurable ways. Sue gives clients credit for creating the lives they envision as well as enhanced states of health."

..... J.L, Washington

By Appointment. Cash and checks accepted, no cards - thank you!

(360) 331-3393 (no texts please)

(First Degree Reiki practitioners Ty, Nora and Micah)

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