WHIDBEY ISLAND REIKI -   Sue Averett, MA, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher
Emanations of Love Slide Show

Several years ago I embarked upon a creative photo project called "Emanations of Love" where the mission, which came to me in a dream, was to "capture the true essence of those who radiate love and joy." I proceeded to photograph a number of people and animals in my community that were true emanators of love, light and joy. The show was displayed at two local coffee houses for a few months, and since then I have added more photos to it, and continue to display it here for the enjoyment of others. I have expanded to include not only people and animals, but places that emanate their own special vibration of love.

To me, these photos capture the very essence of what life is truly about.... that no matter what else may be going on in our outer and inner worlds, we can remember that our true nature is love and joy. The more we can share and radiate that outwardly, the more we touch others and co-create that beautiful world we all seek, and share in that one commonality that is supreme above all others: LOVE.

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